Social Responsibility

Mission Statement

“Our aim is to make a difference in South Africa. To redress inequality and boost economic and social growth, especially of previously disadvantaged communities and individuals, thereby creating a better life for all.”


The improvement of the lives of previously disadvantaged groups is at the forefront of this policy. Collaborative support and development programs are one of the ways the company ensures social upliftment. Plenum Express (Pty) Ltd is committed to nation building and playing its part in the upliftment of its Employees and South African citizens through these programs and support.


Internal promotion is one of the preferred way to ensure sustained advancement & development. The owner-driver programme, as well as Black-owned sub-contractors is a system that the company continues to pursue in order to develop entrepreneurs and small businesses- thereby fueling social and economic development and transformation.

These entrepreneurs are presented with considerable earning potential and opportunities to enhance their quality of life. All aspects of running a successful business are covered by the assistance that the company provides for these entrepreneurs, whether it be financial, operational or administrative- ensuring financial planning, tax implications and insurance cover is correctly handled.

Currently Plenum has access to over 200 Owner-Drivers, providing employment to in excess of 100 people, who are servicing clients on behalf of our operations within the borders of the Republic.
Some 95% of these entrepreneurs come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

On a similar basis Plenum has outsourced many of its routes or same-day collection services to small black owned businesses particularly in the Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg areas.


It is the declared policy of Plenum to insist that suppliers prove their commitment to Black Economic Empowerment and Employment Equity. As a result, black controlled Companies and Companies with significant black shareholding are preferred suppliers of products and services e.g. fuel, tyres, stationary, security and cleaning services to the company.

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