Courier Options

Same Day Service

Departure on first available flight.
Delivery 120 minutes after touchdown.
*Major Centres Only.

Dawn Service

Delivery by 9:00am on the following Business day.

*Major Centres Only

Overnight Service

Delivery by 10:30 am on the following Business day.

*Major Centres Only

Express Service

Delivery within 1-2 Business Days.

*Major Centres Only

Economy Service

Delivery within 2-4 Business Days.

*Major Centres Only

Cross Border Service

International Cross Border to Botswana, Lesotho, Nambia and Swaziland.

International Service

Courier parcel to international destinations.

Pargo Service

Parcel courier from Door to any Pargo Point nation wide.

Contact Us

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TEL. +27 86 100 5168
Cell.  +27 79 563 0703


TEL. +27 86 100 5168
Cell. +27 72 570 0875